Vincent Costa

Audio Engineer



Currently based in London Ontario, Canada, I have been working in the audio industry since 2007. In 2011 I obtained a Bachelor's Degree of Audio Production from the world-renowned "SAE Institute" in Byron Bay, Australia. Since then I have worked on hundreds of live audio productions both in Canada and internationally. I am currently focusing my efforts on sound design for video games.

I believe that music and sound design should tell a story. In film, television, and gaming, sound is every bit as important as the visual media in terms of creating a world for people to live in.




Audio implementation for video games is much more challenging and dynamic than sound for motion pictures. Where a movie or TV show is linear in nature - it unfolds exactly the same way every time you watch it - in a video game the player can make anything happen at any time, and so the audio system must be flexible and adaptable.
I have experience using popular game design platforms such as Unity, and audio middleware such as FMOD and Wwise. I'm also currently learning to code using C# to be able to work more intimately with programmers in the gaming world. Below is a showreel I've put together showcasing what is possible in Wwise.

Video edited by Steefan van Jaarsveld at

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Sound design

Creating a soundscape for motion pictures or animation is a very creatively rewarding process. I use a combination of original field recordings, sound libraries, and synthesis to ground the viewer in the world of whatever media they are experiencing, whether that be children's cartoons or a psychological horror. It is often the case that the sounds audiences expect to hear in media are not at all how things sound in real life, and so the sound designer's task becomes not only to meet expectations, but to make larger-than-life sounds that engage with the listener.

Consider too how music effects the mood of a show. The next time you watch your favourite series or movie, think about how the percussion and strings create tension during a fight sequence, and then are stripped back in order to leave room for the hero to quip at the bad guys. Think about how the silence before a jump-scare puts you on edge as you wait for that bogeyman's reflection to leap from the mirror. Think about how the animal-hide drums and exotic string instruments in the score to "Avatar: The Last Airbender" accurately reflect the world in which that story takes place. These are all taken in to consideration when creating original music for pictures.

Below is an example of some of my work.

This is an unofficial game trailer for the game "Lost Sphear". Everything you hear in the trailer including music, voices, and sound effects is an original creation by me, with the exception of the female voices provided by voice actor Aderu Moro.


Screen Shot 2017-12-23 at 12.28.14 PM.png


Here are a few of my original compositions for video games. Each piece is tailor-made to suit the purposes of the project.
Please Visit my Soundcloud page for more composition and mixing examples.



Make your podcast sound professional or tighten up your band's demo recordings. When it comes to music, some of my biggest influences are John Feldmann, Kurt Ballou, and Steve Evetts. Here are some songs I have mixed: